Natural beauty for your favorite space

ROCKin’teriors showcases commissioned sculpture

IMG_3168-2Sculpting is an ancient art and what better way to showcase the human form than through the beauty of natural stone.


Did you know that ROCKin’teriors has been commissioned to create unique sculptures for clients?


A customer came to us with a special request for a marble sculpture, and we jumped at the opportunity.  We knew our fabulous team member Jeff would be fit for the task. ROCKin’teriors takes pride in traditional fabrication methods, so our craftsmen are highly skilled and can transform a slab of natural stone by hand.

Have you ever wondered why most sculptures are made of marble? It’s because of the stone’s slightly translucent characteristic (i.e., sub-surface scattering), that is comparable to the human skin. The translucency of the surface creates visual depth and a sense of realism in stone figures. 


Typically, a sculptor first creates a clay or wax model, and then copies the model in the natural stone by measuring with calipers or a pointing machine. Or, if you’re a modern day Michelangelo, you could just use the stone itself as inspiration. He once claimed his job was to free the human form trapped inside the block.


Take a look at Jeff’s progress on the commissioned piece. Regardless of the artist’s approach, working with marble is a beautiful art form.