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Latest in Dekton Sintered Stone Revealed to Custom Builders

Recently, we had the opportunity to host many of the area’s top custom home builders for a special reveal of the very latest in Dekton sintered stone. Everyone had a great time at the unveiling of the latest from Dekton by Cosentino. ROCKin’teriors is the first to become certified to fabricate sintered stone in the Triangle.


Formed by intense high heat, sintered stone is a very durable and sustainable material. We like to refer to this ultra-durable surface as “spectacularly indestructible.” It can be cut at almost any thickness  -down to about 1 cm – for use in flooring, counters, as well as both interior or exterior wall cladding.


Last year, ROCKin’teriors became the Triangle region’s first certified fabricator of Neolith, Dekton and Lapitec, the top manufacturers of sintered stone. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest trends for both commercial and residential applications.