Natural beauty for your favorite space

Green Materials

 Your home can be beautiful and a friend to the environment.

ROCKin’teriors is the area’s only women-owned, eco-friendly stone company. We believe in preserving the beauty of nature. From the quarry to our eco-friendly facility to your home, we offer professional design, fabrication and installation.


leed-logoNatural stone is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.  Unlike man-made materials, there’s no manufacturing process in the creation of stone. That’s left up to Mother Nature!


Natural stone has a relatively low impact to the environment. Neither the extraction process nor our fabrication process uses harmful chemicals. Water cools the saws used to quarry and cut stone blocks.  And our fabrication shop features the most advanced water reclamation system in our industry, which surpasses stringent Town of Cary standards.


We’re proud to offer recycled and man-made stones and go to great lengths to make sure their manufacturing processes produce no toxins released to pollute the surrounding environment. These stone products surpass eco-friendly standards designated as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant by the U.S. Green Building Council, the highest standards for sustainable construction.


That’s why when you visit Rockin’teriors you have a wide selection of beautiful eco-friendly choices, including: Cambria Quartz, Caesarstone Quartz, Dekton and Lapitec, among others.


Lapitec® is an innovative sintered stone offered in large formats that unify design appeal with superior mechanical and physical properties. It is similar to porcelain and has the elegance, workability, colors and typical finishes of natural stone. The product is highly eco-friendly and contains no resins or petroleum derivatives.


ECOLOGOLapitec has achieved the GreenGuard certification, distinguishing products that have low chemical emissions and that are non-polluting. This standard carries into to each and every ROCKin’teriors’  project as we are the region’s only certified Lapitec fabricator and installer.


Dekton by Cosentino is a sophisticated blend of raw materials used to produce the latest in glass, porcelain and the highest quality quartz work surfaces. Dekton is a material with unique characteristics and infinite application possibilities on countertops, flooring, siding, and facades for both inside and outdoors.


Daltile ONE Quartz Surfaces® offer modern technology from one of the most abundant minerals on earth. The company is dedicated to creating innovative, high-quality surfaces, many of which are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. ONE Quartz offers many design choices that are low maintenance and durable for both commercial or residential applications.


ROCKin’teriors is the Triangle region’s only certified fabricator and installer of these revolutionary, sophisticated surfaces used in the world of design and architecture.


We are also certified to install Caesarstone, the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 certification, a global standard specifically for environmental protection. Quartz is one of the world’s most abundant minerals.


Cambria is the only family-owned producer of quartz, typically mined in North America. It is Radon-free, and certified for low VOC emissions. ROCKin’teriors is among a select group of fabricators and installers that have completed education in water recovery and equipment recycling practices.


WIS_Logo_150x174It’s no surprise that our showroom and fabrication shop is LEED-compliant. We use recycled water and non-toxic chemicals in the fabrication process. We’ve also been recognized by the Natural Stone Institute as among an exclusive group of women-owned fabrication facilities in the U.S. Stop by today for a tour of the area’s greenest stone fabrication facility.