Natural beauty for your favorite space


We’ll help you keep your stone beautiful for years to come.

To preserve the beauty of your natural stone, we offer an affordable annual maintenance. We visit your home and re-seal your countertops, fireplace surrounds and interior stone surfaces.

The most important things you do to care for granite, limestone, travertine and other natural stone is to remove any dust, grit and sand from the stone’s surface, and to clean up accidental spills as soon as possible.


The DOs of Granite and Natural Stone Countertop Care

  • Wipe up any spills as soon as possible. If left unattended, the spills can etch the polish and dull the finish of calcite-based stone. Soft drinks and orange juice contain acidic materials that when in contact with calcium-based stone (marble, some limestone, travertine, and onyx) can cause deterioration. It won’t burn a hole through your stone, but it can lose its finish in the area of contact.
  • Use coasters or placemats on your natural stone surfaces. This is especially true for calcareous stones such as marble.
  • Rinse and dry your natural stone surface after washing. This is very effective on dark stones to eliminate streaks.
  • Similar to other counter surfaces, daily cleanings should be accompanied by periodic deep cleanings.
  • Daily spot cleaning is simply wiping up any accidental spills promptly. If you do get a stain, attend to it as soon as possible with a slightly stronger solution of detergent and then a poultice if the detergent cleaner is unsuccessful.


The DON’Ts of Natural Stone Care

  • Do Not use vinegar, lemon juice, or harsh cleaners on your stone.
  • Do Not use harsh cleaners such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or tub and tile cleaners.
  • Do Not use abrasive cleaners, including dry cleansers and soft cleansers.
  • Do Not mix bleach and ammonia, a combination that creates a toxic and lethal gas.
  • Do Not mix chemicals together unless directions specifically instruct you to do so.

The cleaning products you use should only be strong enough to do the required task and no more. Call us for problems that appear too difficult to treat yourself.

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Notes From Our Clients

My wife and I spent many hours, some in the rain, with Laura at ROCKin’teriors, painstakingly matching colors and prints from paint chips and wallpaper with granites and marbles of every conceivable color and pattern. She was always full of wonderful ideas, and her enthusiasm was infectious. She was crucial to the selection of over 10 types of granite/marble for our home, and was always available for any consultation we needed. I don’t ever recall her saying anything but “Sure, I can help with that!” We were always glad to see her. Now, many years later, if ever we have a question about maintenance or clean-up, Laura has always been readily available, and her enthusiasm has never faded… We have relied upon her for annual granite maintenance and repairs (damage inflicted by our children in normal daily use!), and our granite still looks just as great as the day it was delivered. We recommend ROCKin’teriors to anyone who is contemplating the investment in fine granite and marble. You can depend upon them!
– Drs. Glenn & Karen Coates

ROCKin’teriors rocks!!! Our granite counters are awesome and have held up beautifully, thanks to the professionalism, expertise, and experience of the staff… Maintenance is quick, easy and they always look like they were just put in…
– Lori & Eric, Raleigh