Natural beauty for your favorite space

Product feature, IceStone

If you want a home or business to be an eco-loving oasis, then you’ll want to check out IceStone. Here’s why…


IceStone is the world’s safest, most sustainable durable surface that is made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and pigment. Always made  in the U.S.A.


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Several well-known corporations and business are doing their green service by choosing IceStone for their spaces. “The company diverts about a million pounds of glass from the waste stream— which would ordinarily end up in dumps each year,” according to this NY Curbed article, that also sourced the above photos.


At ROCKin’teriors, we suggest this product quite often  to our clients because we’ve seen first hand how IceStone can transform a space; be it residential or commercial. Visit the ROCKin’teriors studio to find your perfect match.


For more on IceStone, we recommend taking a look at the NY Curbed article and the IceStone video selection.