Natural beauty for your favorite space

Rockin’ Wedding Party During Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew surged through North Carolina, the ROCKin’teriors facility was aglow with purple lights and filled with people celebrating newlyweds,  Chris and Jordan Luongo.



Power outages resulting from the hurricane forced the wedding party to scramble to find space for the event and their cherished loved ones. Not only did they need to reconfigure their plans on the fly, they needed a space big enough, beautiful enough and safe enough for a wedding party!


“At 11:00 that morning, the cater, florist, party rentals, and wedding planner worked together to resolve the situation. And by 5:30 p.m. that evening we all made it come together,” said Laura Grandlienard, founder of ROCKint’eriors. “Our staff came in on an off day to assist guests with parking as well as escort them into our facility during the heavy rain.”


“That’s how we like to do it. People always come first,” she said.




The wedding cake found a perfect home on our stone cutter, decorated with natural beauty. Slabs of exotic stones, sourced from all around the globe, encircled the dance floor.




Honestly, we never imagined ROCKin’teriors as a wedding party venue, but we’re pretty excited it was.


We’re proud to be known as an organization that brings dreams to life, even a hurricane!