Natural beauty for your favorite space

Certified to carry only eco-friendly “Genuine Stone”

Our accreditiation as a “Genuine Stone” carrier means that our clients receive the highest-quality and most sustainable materials available.

Since day one, our mission rooted in eco-friendliness has aimed to lower the carbon footprint of fabrication, limit the amount of waste, increase recycling, and provide a safe, healthy, and welcoming place to work.



In order to carry out the eco-friendly mission to the full potential, our ROCKin’teriors team has completed specialized educational programs.



NSF International, the Natural Stone Council’s independent certification body, recognizes ROCKin’teriors as a “Genuine Stone” carrier. We have completed extensive training for ANSI/NSC 373: Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone, a course on industry standards involving environmental, ecological, social responsibility and human health metrics in the chain of custody (COC).



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The COC tracks stone as the material moves from the quarry to manufacturing and through the supply chain to the ultimate destination, including the job site or the end-user. For every step in the process, each organization handling  the stone product must be chain of custody certified and conform to COC standard in order for the stone to be “genuine.”






This exotic, genuine, stone is the focal point in this room, making for a visually calming and playful blend of  multi-colored views, much like a map.  It’s our mission to bring mother nature’s enduring art of stone into any space.